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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello hello I am back

Ive been away for a long long while and the update is that since my last post, I have bought a home with my husband, settled and moved in and all, gone for a wedding to the other end of this great big country we call Australia, applied for and gotten my citizenship, busted my ankle in January as a result of rock climbing, been looking for a corner to sulk and cry and also realized that looking for corners to cry in do not make the problem go away and so here I am back and all. I now weight 113.3 kilos. I still have an ankle that is not in the best condition but at least i can walk and cycle. So this blog for me will be a place to vent - on a good day share how I feel and analyze why it was such a success and on a bad day look for inspiration and ideas from others' blogs.

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