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.....My weightloss saga for 2010...........

Monday, February 8, 2010

10 % of my body weight means loss of 11 kilos or being 99 kilos

The story thus far..........

I will not repeat the saga of my bad ankle and all but due to this, I fell off the wagon as nothing was worth it in my eyes. I had started so well and then I busted my ankle and now it was going to be back to being all weighty and all. I will never be toned and healthy I thought.

 Today i picked myself up from the ground and said to myself that I was not enjoying being unhealthy. The days have long gone where once I fell off the wagon, I was quite happy to be off it and binged like mad. This time binging for me meant having a couple of magnum ice creams on a really really bad day instead of a 2 litre tub of ice cream and then self hate!

I have read so many blogs that by now I know what the successful weight loss gals have as a formula... simply eat less move more. I

New goals: 10 per cent of body weight comes to 99 kilos.
How? No paranoia, just consistency. Activity will be hard and close to impossible given that the physio has said that I need to rest the ankle for the next 5 more weeks. This is frustrating but if I really watch my food like a hawk, I should make some minor headway and when I am ready to get back to exercise then I should find it easier (if you can ever calling losing weight that!!) than having to get used to suddenly being healthy.

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