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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week 1 lessons: I call it invisible-eating - Importance of a food diary

Hi All,

Well this week I decided to weigh myself everyday for analysis purposes. It did not go to well results wise although I am happy to have weighed myself everyday. The results below:

Date                    Kilos         Gain/Lost       % Gain/loss      Body Fat            Muscle

So I guess the above tells the story of the results I have this week. One of the things I did end up doing whilst writing this blog was to go and reach for the chocolate ice-cream in the freezer. I guess this is my 'dummy' and I did put a spoon in my mouth and then emptied my bowl of ice-cream back into the container and said to myself ' this will not change anything. I will continue to weigh what I do as I will end up keeping on making the same mistakes again and again. So lets stop now. With that I grabbed an apple instead. 
In terms of the water challenge, I sort of dropped the ball this week by not meeting it for 2 days. I have no excuses bar that we had guests over this weekend and it is so hard to continue to commitment to drink up whilst in the middle of playing host etc. However this is a pissweak excuse and so I must simply do better next week. So the challenge must carry on although the results are that I lost this one. The one thing that keeps coming back to me is the importance of writing a food diary. I know this approach does not suit everyone but I do know that in the past when I have written a food diary I have succeeded in writing a food diary.
Anyhoo, this will carry me into week 2 when I get to choose another challenge. Perhaps this should be my challenge for week 2.That way I can be certain that I will write it for the remaining 11 weeks of the challenge. After all the purpose of my challenge is to get into the good habits. All simple things but important things, little things but all together can pack quite a punch. So yes I will actually make this the challenge for week 2. Each weekly challenge is to be measured in terms of for 6 of 7 days I should get it right and I have quite obviously not. I could earn points back to pass this challenge down the line but I have still to think of how I would go about this. Ideas are welcome.
This challenge business is getting me all excited and so I have decided on throwing some more things in there. Well the few goals I would like to see myself in by the end of this challenge are:
-         loss of 7 kilos
-         meeting 80% of my challenges
-         being fitter
The reward is something I have been thinking of for a while now and I think it could even be these sets of bedside tables I saw at this place called ISHKA. I know they are made in India and all and I would get them cheaper and all of that but the point is who is going to cart them here for me??? And if end up getting sold out then I will simply have to think of something else. Who knows $500 equivalent of something or other that is not food related. I guess I will simply have to take photos of something and put those up next? For me the goal at this stage is really to get the weight down. Of course I will count the weight from the starting weight which was 113.20 making the goal 106.20 and the fact that I am now 114.10 means I have only made my life more difficult needing me to now lose close to 8 kilos. However, I still believe that this is not an impossible goal given the 11 weeks I still have at hand if I use the time smartly. So hey Goal for week 2- 3 litres of water a day and
Writing food diary
05/05/2010 113.20 0.80 0.7% 46.2% 57.8%
06/05/2010 113.70 1.30 1.1% 44.9% 59.5%
07/05/2010 112.70 0.30 0.3% 50.9% 52.6%
08/05/2010 112.70 0.30 0.3% 50.9% 52.6%
09/05/2010 114.50 2.10 1.9% 49.1% 56.9%
10/05/2010 114.10 1.70 1.5% 51.6% 52.5%

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