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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boxing and all.....revisiting week 1

It has been a strange couple of weeks. I went back to boxing and loved was an hour and 15 mins of full on movement and having gone back to it after months and months I could sense that my right hook was no longer a weapon...however...a workout it certainly was....later that night I was in severe pain...hubby had to bring my dinner to me in the bedroom!! I think I was basically paralysed. COULD NOT MOVE AT ALL PEOPLE!!! Initially I thought that I would go every sat however...the timings do not suit me at all. My gym has them only once a week and on sat at 1.30 which is a real awkward time. Neither here nor there. If it was early morning, I could easily go off and proceed with my day. This way it sort of takes over the Saturday and leaves me with nothing of the day after the class. My husband is hugely supportive and would be cool about it but I just feel that if I am not happy with the balance then sooner or later it will not work and will leave me with even less time with the husband seeing our lives are already so busy during the week and also now that I am going back to gym during the week and am not likely to be home before 8pm.
So although my arse was kicked hard and I loved it...I have decided not to continue with the boxing classes. I will have to drag my arse and do some cycling with my lovely supportive husband instead. This weekend we went to Bentleigh and then cycled back - a total bike ride of 18km. So if we could manage a few more of these on the weekend, I think weekend activity is sorted.
Meanwhile I have been re-thinking my 12 week plan. The first 2 weeks quite frankly have not worked leading me to surmise that I am either setting too high a benchmark or there is some lack of complete commitment from my end. Rather than sit and philosophize on either of these, I have decided to treat the first 2 weeks as a warm up and start again. This time I will be smarter about it. I have a meeting with my gym nutritionist tomorrow to nut out some issues and then we go from there. If she cancels this appointment AGAIN then with or without her the plan will begin and I will not be a happy cookie.
I had set my 1st weeks goal as WATER. The core ingredient of our life on this planet. I had set the goal at 3 litres a day and found that I could not keep to it in these wintry days. Water for me meant - plain water - I did not count teas or coffees, soups..any other liquids. Just plain good old water.I am marking the new goal as 2.5 - 3 litres water. This will make it still challenging but not unachievable. So let the games be declared open yet again. This time there will be no turning back. After all I cannot see myself re-starting the 12 week challenge repeatedly. Any suggestions are more than welcome including any ways to increase the number of hours from 24 to 36??? Anyone???

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