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Monday, May 3, 2010

Week1 Day 1: 3 litres water

So week one is to be all about getting 3 liters water or more inside me. Each week I will pick a weekly theme and try my best to meet the theme. The catch is that I have to progressively keep the theme from the week before in addition to the current one. So for instance in week 5 I will have to keep to all my previous weeks themes. why? to make it interesting. To learn discipline but not in a cold turkey sort of way and experiment and see if such a system works for me? For me to take the responsibility of choosing my weekly themes and adhere to them. After all...this is all one big journey and if something works then I will benefit.

So now for the stats. Well the horrendous stats are in and my details are:
Weight: 113.2
Muscle: 57.8
Fat: 46.2

Umm a reality check to see how much fat I am carrying. I will be weighing myself everyday and this is purely from a researchers perspective and not because I am being obsessive. For anyone that knows me well I am among the people that run miles away from weighing machines. So in that sense I have detached from the numbers that display on the machine. I don't process them in my mind and if I make a comment in relation to them, then it is purely as a number and I do not pontificate on hurling the blame game upon myself. By profession I am a researcher and so it is only natural I should be curious.

So what could I have done better today? Not had Milo at bedtime, not had a muffin, some biscuits.

What could I be more consistent in?
Well what I am really pleased about today and the real success of my day today is that I rode to work and also rode back. All up I did about 20 kilometers and not only did I ride, I screamed through the city with my beloved husband in front of me on his push bike. Whats more? I enjoyed it. I plan to do this at least 3 times a week.The other success is that I had 3 liters of water and yes plain water. I am not counting coffees or teas or any sort of beverage. Plain water only in my water challenge thank you.

So I go to bed a happy woman - content and I want more of the contentment days. Head space feels great and I feel like I am glowing from inside.

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