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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Im joining Boxing

Hi All,
This is it. I am joining boxing classes. These ones are held every friday and my fave trainer is taking these classes. I am so chuffed and I am going back to the gym after about 5 months owing to my ankle. I have let the bloody ankle get the better of me and this winter I am determined to do the best I can and give it my best shot. I have realised that I keep waiting:
 - waiting for a job in the city so going to the gym is easier
 - waiting for the ankle to get perfect when I can at least do weights and  cardio using bicycle etc instead of the treadmill
- waiting to move up a grade at work to be able to easily afford classes when my health should be the priority

I am done with waiting...I am going to get out there and make it happen. It has to be this way and I know my lovely husband Rob will be supportive all the way even though it is a shame that the classes are on Sat only.  So my first class is on Sat at 1.30 which is a shit of a time and neither here nor there but hey if this is how it is to be then so be it.
More later
Wish everyone much health and happiness

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Jess @ THIR said...

Hey Anna,

Boxing classes are awesome!! Seriously one of the best cardio workouts ever... and talk about stress release! I have always wanted to try one (now my PT does them at his gym!) but always seem to have a scheduling conflict... let me know how you go!!

Thanks for your comment too... Just wanted to say, not only do I work (7 - 4pm, actually, at least I get to leave work early, right?) I'm also doing my Masters at uni part time, which leave me even less for a life... So yeah, life is a juggle right?
Drop me a line if you need anything, I am always around!