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Sunday, May 2, 2010

12 week Plan and a week theme

From tomorrow - I start my 12 week plan to health. and no I am not planning on being miss perfect or anything. I am just using the next 12 weeks to be a better me healthwise and no achievement is too small. Each week I plan on having a theme. So next weeks is More water. The plan is to ensure that I drink at least 3 litres. For my weight I need to drink something in the vicinity of 4.2 odd litres or something similar. Well to make it achievable and yet challenging I have set the theme to be 3 litres which in the approaching winter is no mean feat (for those of us in Australia). Measurements will follow tomorrow as also weight but I plan not to pay any attention to it.

I find that over the years and after having tried virtually everything - we have made fitness overly complicated and with a lot of fads. The bottom line really is 'Eat less move more'. I am going to try very hard to remember this as my mantra. So let the drums roll and the party begin!!

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