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Monday, January 25, 2010

My way of life these days

Breakfast: 1/2 cup rolled oats with 80ml lite soy milk and 20 gm protein pdr

Mid Morning: An apple and 12 unsalted almonds

Lunch: Cucumber, tomato, John West smoked salmon (drained), Beetroot, and any salady type stuff with 150gm of home baked bread

Mid arvo: 250g berries, 220 plain yoghurt and 40g protein pdr (I usually just whizz it into a smoothie and have half now and half post dinner)

Dinner: 220gm fish or kangaroo with veggies

I exercise monday to friday and clock up about 10 hours of exercise and a cpl more hours of walking.

I have decided that this is the way I want to eat for the rest of my life and do not like calling it a diet. I avergae upto 1500 calories a day and of these I ensure that fat % is about 15% and no more. The calorieking website is great for this as it works it all out for me. I know that there are days when I will eat rubbish but I am hoping that these days will be no more than once a week. I am also trying not to focus on weight as it does my head in. I know in my head that I feel a lot better than before by doing these things. I will weigh and measure myself once a month and then forget all about it. These days I like myself a little bit more which is a huge thing for me. It is still summer here in Melbourne, Australia and so I hope to get some bike rides in with my husband. Thats the plan for the summer so lets see what happens.

In terms of recipes, hubby and I are experimenting a lot more with food. One salad I absolutely love is the one where we use rocket or arugula leaves, some lettuce and spinach, crumble in some low fat feta cheese, chop finely cucumber, red and green capsicum and thinly slice some radish. In this we finely slice some red chilli which has been soaked in vinegar....this is available from our supermarket and then we also hand crush some capers and mash em into the chilli paste which we run into the chopped salad. Lastly we sprinkle some lemon juice on this salad and sprinkle some cracked pepper. This, we eat with a side of some form of protein such as fish or kangaroo and it is so yummy.

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