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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update since the last time

There has been a spanner in the works since the last time I blogged. Last week my husband and I spent the day cycling along the Yarra (river in Melbourne) and then spotted a rock wall and decided to try it. I felt strong and as there werent any other people around I thought I might try it.

It all started well and I climbed it without a problem and then decided to move down. At the last step I thought I had a grip but did not and then had a fall. The drop would have been no more than a meter but as I was not expecting the fall it felt like a lot more when I did fall. All 100 kilos and more of me fell onto the ankle and within 30 seconds the ankle doubled in size. I just could not even stand let alone walk. Eventually we had to get the ambo's to come and get me and then wheel me out as we had the river on one side and the cycle track was the only way to enter or exit the area. The ambo's were lovely. They quickly assessed that I had not broken the ankle which was the good news and then advised that although they could take me to emergency, as I was not dying or bleeding I would be waiting a long time at emergency and so it might just be the best idea to go home and attend to the ankle with ice and loads of rest and then get back to getting it checked out the next day. So thats what we did.
The pain was really intense and I just could not walk. My husband would get me to sit on the study chair and wheel me to the loo and back when I needed to go which was quite hilarious. As I try and drink a lot of water at one point he askedme just how much water I did drink!! :)
The next day we got to the physio who referred us off to get X-rays. Good news...No fractures!!! But having said that I really do not like the physio. She talks only to my husband and not me. Highly annoying considering she is Chinese but considers herself as more Australian than Chinese...lives with her parents but then has had bordering on superiority towards other Chinese type conversations and talks more than she attends to my ankle which is what she gets paid $70 for per visit! I don't get why she will not include me in the conversations. My husband noticed this too and today he walked and stood behind me which meant she would have to look at me too to speak to him. Even then she made no eye contact with me and same thing continued and I might as well have not been in the room. Rude I say!!Then she wants me to go to work but also do 10 lots of different exercises, ice my foot but does not believe I need to rest the ankle. All this when the ankle is blue and purple and swells up after a 30 minute walk!!!
So she is going to be dismissed and I have made an appointment with another physio tomorrow. Hopefully he will be better. And with that I am off my soapbox!.
Food wise things have ground to a halt. I am not drinking as much water. It is too painful walking to the loo every 30 minutes as my husband is off to work after taking a days carers leave. I am not eating the best I can but it has not been what I used to be. I know that I will be better soon. I am a bit annoyed about having to sit all day and have been passing time reading and trying to pack up some boxes sitting down as we will also be moving house in 6 weeks.

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