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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A great first day

I had a hugely successful first day. I have worked out that I will not go beyond 1700 calories a day although the effort is to keep the calories to between 12-1500 calories. Calorieking is a great website for adding in the information and keeping track. I find that this method works best for me as I cannot be bothered looking up information and noting it down everytime I eat. I like things simple and this makes it easy for me. So yesterdays results were as below.
You have used 1415 out of your net daily budget of 1700 calories and have 285 calories remaining. 29% of the calories are from fat, 22% from protein, 49% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.
Fat 43.6 / 50g
Protein 76.3 / 114g
Carb. 169 / 200g
What I can take away from the above results is that it was a great day but I could do with a bit more protein. I did not feel starved by any stretch of imagination as I did eat loads of salad and mixed it up with veggies etc. I miss dessert and so I took 100 gms of yoghurt and threw some berries in it and also some pomegranate in it with splenda and froze it a bit. After dinner this was my dessert and the freshness and semi ice-cream feel made it delicious.

Activity wise I would have walked around 10-12 km with my husband. We needed to buy something from Xmas sales and instead of taking the train and tram we walked. I felt mighty proud of completing the walk. My legs ached initially and I could feel a lower back ache but I plodded on. We did end up having 2 coffees but the way we do it is to have half a coffee each and enjoy it. I now find that I cannot have a full coffee on my own. This way we save money and also enjoy 2 pitstops. Although this did not start as a $$$$ saving drill, it is a good strategy to have towards being healthy.


Lyn said...

That is a very good start! We are working for the same calorie level, you and I. I am so glad you have your husband's support... that will be SO helpeful!

Thanks for dropping me a note. Wishing you all the best on your journey to health!

Myweightlosschallenge said...

Thanks Lyn. You ar the first person to write in and that makes you special already. Keep in touch. Cheerio