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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back again

My weight and my measurements are...
It is the 1st of January 2010 and I am back. This is not going to be one of the new year resolutions where I promise to be healthy for ever and ever. I am here simply because i have had the epiphany that I must be back here for my health and must get back on the horse again!

My stats:
Boobs 125.5 cm
Waist 132.5 cm
Abdomen 131 cm
Thigh 81 cm
Calf 49 cm
Arm 45 cm
Weight 113 or 114 kg by my weighing scales which are usually not trustworthy so I will wait and get to my gym and go with those as those are the digital ones I usually follow.

The Plan: I have taken the rest of the month off from work to focus on getting a good start, eating well, exercising well and being healthy and active. It is becoming more and more important to me to become healthy and seeing that I am approaching the big 40 in the end of March, I want to give myself the chance to becoming as close to healthy as I have ever been. I have had a reasonably unhealthy Xmas where it isnt the typical story of 'its Xmas and of course everyone indulges in excess'. However, I have identified that the moment I smell a whiff of success I immediately indulge in self sabotage. What is annoying is that after finally identifying it, I continued to do it yet again and this time I am determined not to do so again. Hence, like a meditation course, I am devoting a month to myself where I am the focus. I have never done this before in my life and I dont know if i will ever have the opportunity to do so again - after all, I am not a millionaire that can afford to not go to work!! Further details of this one month time off decision will be take the form of another blog.

My Team: consists of my trainer and his wife who is into nutrition and most of all my husband. I have been banned from taking on the role of housewife meanwhile as my gorgeous husband reckons that as this month is all about getting a really good start, the focus must continue to be activity and nutrition as I will be challenged in every way and getting bogged down in becoming the housewife will firstly end up with me spending more time in household chores after gym and also having to deal with more temptations and secondly it will take me away from experimenting with other activities I may not have tried before.Our gameplan is for me to be busy and active to the point where I will sleep well because my body will have earned it, I will have tired it to satisfying levels and hence instead of cooking and ironing whilst Dr Phil and Oprah will wax eloquent, I will be either jogging my brain in a library in between gym and swimming or explore Melbourne cycling along the Yarra trail.

FEARS:I'd be lying if I said there were no fears. I am afraid to fail as I have taken this time out for me and feel a bit selfish. However, having faced my fears with my husband my best friend that he is, I am just trying to toss such thoughts out of my head to give myself the best possible chance ever! So lets declare the challenge open..... :)


GOAL for the month: To be true to myself and to be the best that I can be

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