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Monday, January 18, 2010

A kilo less and continued consistency required

Since my last blog I have lost 1.2 kilos in 13 days. To some this alone might be cause for celebration but moi!! This is how I reacted.....

Initially it seemed to me that the weightloss was very little. I was working on 1500 calories a day and exercising a total of 12 intense hours a week. In fact in week 1 I lost 100gms and I was really shattered. I had really been anal about the food I was eating and making sure that it was good wholesome food. I was not eating out and I was also making sure that whatever I was eating was good fibrous food and not fatty junk.

Breakfast was oats and soymilk
Lunch 2 pieces of home baked bread with loads of salad and no dressing and a can of tinned and drained salmon
Mid arvo I make up a strawberry smoothie with some protein powder
Dinner usually comprises of some form of salad and kangaroo meat or tofu etc

So why wasnt I losing more weight?

One answer I have gotten is that a loss of 1.2 kilos is not too bad for 13 days and that weightloss for me might mean a consistent approach. In the past what has happened for me is that I have given up time and time again when I have not seen weightloss worth the name. I seem to expect that as long as I do my bit it should just drop off. Whereas what I need to remember is that I need to forget about the weightloss bit and just continue to be healthy and that it will all fall into place on its own.

My trainer at gym tells me that I should not be looking at the weighing scaled even once a week and should look at them once in 6 weeks and at that point also get my fat and muscle percentage assessed at the same time to identify how much fat and muscle ratio has changed and go from there. This seems like good advice and so for the next 2 weeks I will give this a shot.

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