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Thursday, January 7, 2010

4, 5 pick up sticks.....

Day 4 and 5 have been relatively good. Protein shakes were introduced yesterday. I have found in the past that the level of protein I would like to have is simply not achievable without the protein shakes. It seems to be the quickest and most efficient way to get some protein into me. I do not really eat meats other than kangaroo and hence find that this helps me with my protein requirement.

One of the things I am finding very challenging is drinking water. Thanks to Lyns blog I came across the water link which tells me that I am to drink 4 litres. Today I have achieved 3.6 litres. It is so hard to consume 4 litres of water!!! But I will persevere as I do feel a lot better already.

Exercising has been hard. Each part of my body aches and moans and groans but I do it. It makes me feel much better and I feel happier when it is all over and done with. Today I did 3 km in 28mins and 40 seconds and am very proud of myself. I did not think I could. I ran and walked hard and panted and died a million deaths but did it. This time might not seem like anything to some that race through and boy at the gym I did see some girls run and run. However for me this is a huge achievement and I am happy. I did weights and all up my workout weights and cardio laster an hour and a half and I felt good right after. I walk to the gym and back which is a 15 min walk across a hill and back. So I had all up 2 hours of exercise. Excellent.

Foodwise I sort of stuffed up today. I am trying to keep my calories to 1500 and fat intake to between 15-20% of my daily intake but as I was hungry and waiting for husband to get home from work I ate a handful of walnuts which took the fat from 18% to 50%. Blew it out completely. Although my calories also went up to about 1600 calories which is not too bad, it was annoying to blow out fat wise. Moral of the story: eat your dinner if husband is late instead of pecking around! Well I also had the opportunity to analyse why I was that hungry especially having drunk so much H2O and realised that fibre was a trite low during lunch and this means more salad at lunch.  I am pleased though that I did not reach for shit food but reached for the good fat option - walnuts albeit will closely check out the quantity next time.

Post dinner husband and I went for a little walk round the block. Hubby observed that I was smiling a lot more than I used to and seemed to have more energy even though each muscle was aching. I am looking forward to Tuesdays weigh in...lets see if I have broken ground!!!

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