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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 3 of eating healthy and learning to live a little

My wonderful husband asked if I would go for a picnic with him just out of the blue last evening/night. I agreed and so off we went to our favourite picnic spot which although is right in the city has not been discovered..YET! The picture shows our dinner last night and the bottle of beer belongs to my husband and not me. I had a diet gingerbeer. Organising all of this took hardly any time and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Kangaroo meat with red and green capsicum, mushrooms and tomato. The kangaroo was marinaded in ginger-garlic paste and lemon juice and some cracked pepper et voila!! I am learning that I do not have to wait to enjoy my life until I lose the weight. Being back on my routine, my husband already commented that I was smiling a lot more and seemed a lot happier and relaxed.

It seems to me that I keep things on standby for when I lose weight. What tends to happen is that life tends to go by and I make and break a thousand promises (each time learning a little mind you!) and I find the weight is still there plus or minus a little and I am still sitting on the weightloss platform waiting for the weight train to rumble past so I can put my weighty lard suitcases in. This time I am learning that it is okay to live whilst in your journey to betterment. Whats more - it is healthy for the self and all those around you to do so.

I am excited about myself and the changes to me. So there is good news...I have stuck to eating healthy and have been feeling really good since 3 days. I feel healthy and am not hungry a lot of the time. Of course the greed pangs have not hit home yet. But when they do I will try hard to wait for the one item a week that I am allowed to have. My calories will be around the 1500 mark keeping focus on fat and sugars and I will allow myself one item each week. So it wont be an all day food fiesta but a one item thing only which will be my crave of the week. It will not be a reward at all. I am still thinking of what my 5kilo reward will be and then the 11.1 kilo reward. I weigh 111 kilos at present and a loss of 11.1 will take me to double figures. So here is me raring to go.

Today I also visited the gym and spoke with the nutrition girl. On showing her my food diary I was pleased to note that I have been eating well and very little tweaking was required. Tweaking done, I found that I can now eat more berries and yoghurt. Nutrition-girl also asked me to think of goals and rewards for the next 5 weeks. My goal is a 7 kilo loss in the coming 5 weeks which will take me to 8 Feb. The reward is a bit harder to pick, especially since it cannot be a food related reward. Having rewarded myself with food all along this is challenging. I will give myself one more night to think of this. Suggestions are welcome!

I also weighed myself and am now 111 kilos. In terms of exercise I will be working out from Mon to Fri with additional exercise routine in the afternoons on Mon, wed and Fri. I will also incorporate cycling on the weekends and will try and accompany my husband by bicycle to his office and find my way back most days of the week. All up this will be a round trip of 9 km.

My workout today was also a killer. 1.45 minutes of weights and cardio and also running up and down the stairs 16 times, rowing for 10 mins continuously..and so many other things. But I have taken a month off to be as healthy as can be and so no complaints from my end....I am just glad the show is on the road!

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