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Thursday, June 18, 2009

All them blogs and all

I went to gym today and exercised and it felt good as I was really pushed to the limits of my existence by my trainer. Although food was not perfect it was not rubbish either. Tomorrow will be better.

I came across dietgirls excel spreadsheet and 'borrowed it' so I could use it. I am hoping this tool will really help me. This spreadsheet automatically adds up the weekly weigh in and also tells you without having to count on all fingers and toes how much is left to go. I liked this spreadsheet and will be using it. Note: must thank dietgirl!! I find there are so many tools on dietgirls website that it feels like one has entered a treasuretrove of sorts.

Another blog i find highly inspiring is Galateas. I guess since I have a personal trainer and also like bike riding I see a few similarities already and it is such a well written blog.

Moral of the story for me is to utilise the experience of others and pick what works for me and use it to my advantage and goal achievement. Long live blog world. I just love the range of information one can exchange!!

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